Monday, July 30, 2018

Away and Back

It doesn't happen every year, but when we go to Maine, we soak it all in. Literally and figuratively. We bask in the sun, play in the surf until our fingers wrinkle and wake up each day happy to be in such a beautiful place. This year, the girls were mature enough to regulate their moods when they were tired and flexible enough to keep it together if we stayed up late. Rich was healthy this year, and that made it feel like our family was there together, fully present, as a unit. My family members were there to love on my girls and share in our love for the sea.

It was a special week away, and I came home feeling all kinds of rested. Mothers of toddlers, be told: it gets better! 

Our summer is half over and I am so at peace with how we're summer-ing thus far. The girls are in soccer, but otherwise, we've been living unstructured. Afternoons in the pool, checking items off our family summer bucket list, road trips and hosting visitors from away have made Summer 2018 one for the books. I approached it knowing it will likely be my last one home all summer with my girls, so I endeavoured to do it right: not too many plans, a laid back approach to expectations of how it should be, and effort made to make memories. Ice cream for lunch, reading our summer novel study books before bed, cake on the beach the day Summer turned five. This is the good life, and we are lapping it up greedily.

I have spoken on here a bit about Rich's health, and as we approach the two-year mark noting a traumatic head injury, I can joyfully and confidently declare he is healthy again. I had hope we would get here but, to be honest, I didn't always believe we would; there were to many odds stacked against his recovering, too many stories I heard from people who didn't. The hardest parts were the kind of hard people warned us about when we were first married, though we couldn't have foreseen this. It isn't completely behind us and there will be things that came out of this whole process that we will walk with forever. Rich is back to work, he is healthy, he is himself again and he is able to fully participate in our family again, and that has been the stuff dreams are made of. 

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