Sunday, August 6, 2017

Beautiful Place by the Sea

I've taken a vacation from a few things this summer, including much of an online presence, you'll note here in this space. It has been good to let go. To discard so much of the unnecessary detritus and wind my way back to a place where I can hear myself think. It started in Maine, our beautiful seaside place.

We stay in the same seaside cottages every year, the same ones my Dad went to as a young boy

Like sea turtles, they instinctually felt the pull to the water

Wave riding instruction

This is what it felt like to be free of everything.  It was glorious and I try my best to recall that feeling every day since. 

Heat wave

I am so glad these girls get to know the ocean

Mom hat, a quiet moment, and a good lathering of SPF 60

Watching my beautiful stepsister with my girls was heartwarming

There is no resisting the siren call of waves crashing

Littlest lady and I being called by the place were the sea meets the sky

I spent approximately 14 hours a day applying sunscreen and finding hats

Tide's out

The moment I cross the footbridge and see the beach is the purest expression of joy, that homecoming 

Summer does it her way

Exploring tidal pools after learning about them in a rare moment of vacation education

My person

Saying goodbye to the sea on our last night, at sunset

It may be cold, but it is the most beautiful ocean I have ever known
Photos courtesy of our talented family photographer/my stepmother, Louise


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