Tuesday, June 27, 2017


The calendar says it is summer. We held our annual Summer solstice barbecue to commemorate, flipping homemade burgers, opening the pool and lighting the citronella candles. We bought enough sunscreen to last all season, found everyone's bucket hats in the summer bin, switched up fleece jammies for oversized t-shirts in all the little girl's drawers. Tomorrow is the last day of school, and I am armed with a list of summer fun activities and food to make. By all accounts, summer is here and we are thirsty for the adventures that await. And yet ... 

Strawberry and yogurt popsicles

... things feel different. Rich is home, off work all summer because of a major setback in his concussion recovery. We're all a little worried, and aware that having the girls home all summer will be hard on his brain. The weather is off. It has been cold and grey for most of June, so we are hauling out sweaters instead of peeling off layers. Our pool hasn't yet hit 80 degrees, heated as it is by solar panels that haven't been hit by much sun. The spring flooding in our area has changed some landscapes, so our usual forays to local beaches have been pushed back a bit later than usual. 

Things are different. The only constant is change, I know. Summer feels like traditions revisited and annual sentiments re-awoken by a dependable return of seasonal conditions, so this year, things feel off. They are off. But not broken. Never broken. so, we press onwards. I try to notice what I can about these different-feeling days and try to discern some beauty, because it is there if I look. The way four little blond heads look running down the street to join their friends to play. Harvesting from our garden, a few new things we're trying this year. Executing plans to capitalize on summer vibes as best we can, when we can. 

I made a list. Not to hold us to any commitments, but ideas to turn to when we could use adventure, big or small. Things that make summertime feel like summertime, even when things feel different.

Our 2017 Summer bucket list:
-       Novel studies (Abby: Underground to Canada, Twins: Charlotte’s Web)
-       Strawberry Picking
-       Send postcards for Canada’s 150th
-       Make s’mores
-       Rainy Day movie theatre (use coupons)
-       Pizza in the park for dinner
-       Make rhubarb custard pie with garden rhubarb
-       Rainbow manicures
-       Make chickpea summer salad
-       Go out for ice cream (the good, hard olden-time kind)
-       Canada 150 T-Shirts
-       Make sangria for grownups
-       Make frozen hot chocolate for kids
-       Make frozen popsicles as much as possible
-       Go to Ice Cream Beach
-       Go to secret pond
-       Go for a nature hike and picnic (Pink lake?)
-       Bootoof in the waves Maine
-       Watch fireworks
-       Parliament Hill picnic
-       Night swimming
-       Farmer’s Market
-       Fabric paint pillowcases 
-       Double decker chip stand
     Ride horses

-       Mini putt

Father's Day
I remind myself that we are raising these girls to navigate change, trying to remember myself how to navigate change.

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