Monday, May 22, 2017

Goodness, I Love Eating

In going through my camera, I found a theme. It seems I whip out the cell for everyday goings-on, but when it comes to food, I'm all about yanking the giant DSLR out of the bag for a closeup. Like, forget the cute picture Hailey drew, let's get a detailed look at those orange zest-infused whole wheat cookies.

Or, for some variety, pictures of my cat eating food. He is getting up there in age and kind of cranky , but also a creature of habit. One morning, we let him lick yogurt off an old lid at the table. Every morning since then, he sits at my chair with a cat scowl waiting for his yogurt. So, we oblige. And I take pictures.

Because mimosas.
Eating has become a focus lately. The act of preparing food ahead of time reminds me that I am deserving of my own time, investing in my future self with snacks and meals that are nourishing and yummy. I have been doing more batch cooking, making homemade muffins, protein balls, granola bars and cookies that take more time but are so good for us. When the merry-go-round of life leaves us sitting confused with our heads spinning, I feel a lot more in control when I know we have good food. Even if that control is just an illusion, I'll take the mirage. When the busy days come, and I feel the wave of overwhelming pressure start to build, I happily dole out a dinner of KD and/or hot dogs because it is easy and they'll eat it. The other days, I'll give them something more nourishing. Gotta give myself these breaks. Who else will, right?

Eating well, and exercise. The girls are all old enough now to keep up on 2km walks, so we expect them to do just that. Their pace is slow enough to notice the lilacs blooming, but fast enough to keep up with Skylar dog. They are getting to know their neighbourhood as independent little people, and sometimes they leave me alone long enough that I can notice them growing before my very eyes. 

These are the things that keep my mind bouncing between soccer practice, meal plans, work assignments, keeping the house clean enough when I know someone's coming over, tending the new garden, and getting the girls to clean up after themselves for the fortieth time. I remember to stop, eat something, take out the good camera, and notice them. Notice myself and remember that it's all a dream (come true).

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