Saturday, March 18, 2017

Canadian winters

I am taken aback each year by the persistence I am required to muster in order to get through winter's end. Snow was picturesque and magical in December, and a welcome backdrop to Winterlude and tobogganing in January and February, but by March, the snow serves little purpose but to test my resolve. It taunts my efforts to be a better version of myself. Mid-March snowstorms make me want to give up on everything because why bother trying to be a better mother/friend/wife when the season that is supposed to end this weekend is clearly overstaying its welcome? Dramatic, tragic, lights down and end scene.

We've done forts, comfort food, snow hikes, sledding, skating, movie days, snow picnics, fort-building, and good Lord if I have to actually shovel again, I may perish. I am tapped out of any enthusiasm for winter. Still, it is here. We made the most of it over March Break by getting outside and playing in fresh powder, (me with a painted-on mom smile, because hey, fake it till you make it). I don't want my disdain for this long Canadian winter to become contagious to the kids. So, it's another round of "Hey, let's go for a snow walk guys, it'll be so fun, especially if we bring snacks!"

Chicken pot pie because extended winter means more comfort food.
Oh goody, kids! Another snow storm overnight! 
I take some solace in knowing my fellow countrymen (and women, ah thank you) are facing the same struggle to muster up merriment as winter carries on and on. I remember there were eight-month winters in the Yukon, when snow receded slowly on my front lawn well into May. I give myself a little chuckle at the Canadian-ness of a long winter, how we unite in our disdain for it, but still rally on the hope of a sunny spring day around the corner. At the coffee shop today, I observed a mom-looking lady wearing a goose down parka, scarf around her face, those Ugg boots, and capri pants that exposed her mid-calves, as though she desperately wanted spring badly, just like me, so she chose to expose the least cold-sensitive part of her body to the whipping winds outside. 

I'm sorry for wasting your time and mine with this foray into musings on why long winters really blow. Honestly, this was my plan B tonight after wasting 30 minutes watching the beginning of 50 Shades Darker and abandoning that because I couldn't fathom the classic abusive boyfriend syndrome she was clearly walking into. So, if I can find a silver lining to this post, it's that I may save someone else 30 minutes to 2 hours of not watching that movie because now you know. And hey, this Spring and surely this Summer will be made all the more sweet by enduring this soul-testing drudgery. It will all turn out in the end. The light is made brighter by our time in the dark. Oooh look! I arrived at the movie's conclusion without watching till the end!

Please, Spring, do come soon.

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