Sunday, February 19, 2017

Turning Five

This weekend is extended with the provincial Family Day holiday tomorrow, so we're still going strong in party mode. This weekend, we celebrated birthdays for Rich, Hailey and Robin. Am I ready for the weekend to be over? Well, yes, but I'll take an extra day to hang with my fave girlies. Tomorrow looks to be a beautiful weather day with nothing on the go. I like those days, empty canvas days.

To recap, we opted for as simple-as-wecan home parties. Rich had friends over for a super fun board game night playing, Over the Line, and we ate a lot of cheese, chasing it down with wine and giggles.  We had family over to eat a very fancy menu of Kraft Diner and hot dogs wrapped in pillsbury crescent rolls, as requested by the little birthday ladies. 

The next day, a few of their kindergarten friends came to celebrate with more KD, cupcakes, cheetos and dancing. It made Rich and I so happy to see them interact with some of their school friends, because for the most part they are a unit unto themselves. For the first month or two of school, they only played with each other. The girls who came this weekend were giggly, silly, and very thoughtful in the gifts they brought. All made adorable handmade cars, too. My favourite!

We marked Hailey and Robin's heights on their doorframe, let them choose the music, went with a Curious George party motif, let them wear whatever they chose (party dresses, naturally), prepared special birthday pancakes, and generally made them bosses for a day. I love, most of all, the looks they get on their faces as their friends and family sing the birthday song. They are lit up by candle glow, shy smiles spreading out, pushing against shyness with a dominating joy that cannot be contained. They smile and then get right to the business of making wishes and blowing out the candles. Five, this year. Five, already!

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  1. Their sweet faces. And that first shot of them kissing.... OH MY GOODNESS!


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