Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Snow is Falling

A lot of snow fell this week. There are snowbanks as tall as my shoulders lining the path from our front door to the driveway. The roadways have all narrowed from the gargantuan piles of snow that are so heavy and full they cannot support their own weight and so they spill over, like bread dough rising over the bowl's edge. We have spent entire days avoiding our vehicles, because it would mean clearing them off, or shovelling midway through a blizzard when we knew more snow would just keep falling anyway. So, we hibernated, or travelled by foot. Pioneer style. (And let our imaginations run wild.)

Much hot chocolate has been consumed, although in our house that means Ovaltine, because these kids have a hippy mama of British descent who insists that even the hot chocolate be healthy and nutritious. We have eaten so much comfort food, soups and breads and muffins and cheese! I resolved to run more to balance things out, but then I see sidewalks with snow knee-high and open another bag of crackers to eat with more cheese instead. 

Ebbs and flows, everything is cyclical and comes with a season. This can be my annual accumulation of extra chub before warm weather running kicks in again. The days are longer and we are seeing the sun again, after long last. If I look to the blue sky and see birds flying overhead, I fantasize about my garden plans, summer adventures, mornings spent at the river in the woods. Then I look down and am forced to consider how long it will take a shoulder-height snowbank to melt.

We don't have the means to be taking warm-wether vacations to escape this relentless, long season, but we do have birthdays. This week, days after Valentine's Day, we begin celebrating Rich's birthday, and then our miracle girls, Hailey and Robin. They turn five this year and are so excited to invite friends over from school. I have been having a hard time seeing them grow older, and not just due to my sentimental mama heart. I see them growing into such fascinating little ladies. They are growing so close together as identical twin sisters that I kind of feel left out. They adore each other. I see what a bond sisterhood is between my four girls, but what Hailey and Robin share is a closeness that rivals my marriage relationship. It is sacred and special. 

So we are decorating, making cards, baking cakes and cupcakes, playing in the snow until our suits are soaked, going to bed with full bellies and satisfied smiles, celebrating each other. And life!

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