Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Roundup

It's Boxing Day, and I am sitting on the couch , with a pajama-ed little body nestled up to me. There is freezing rain falling fast outside, and we have nowhere to go. I should think about making dinner soon; it will probably be a turkey pot pie, the easy way. Hailey and Robin are sprawled on the floor, filling in new colouring books. Abby has just cooked us all some teeny tiny pizzas in her Easy Bake Oven. Robotic toy unicorns keep turning on at seemingly random intervals, creeping us all out. I am surfing for deals online, but not really interested in getting anything beyond a few books at Chapters that are now on sale.

After all the preparation, organizing, gift making and wrapping, Christmas has come and gone. There are a few things I want to remember: Sitting in silence on Christmas Eve, letting tears come (the happy kind), listening to O Holy Night and reflecting on what the holiday means for me. Robin bending over with her pants down trying to apply chapstick to her bottom, because she misheard when I asked her to apply some lip balm. (Not lip bum). The girls waiting at the top of the stairs for me to give the go-ahead, so they could see if Santa came. Their wide-eyed amazement that Santa's boots left footprints exiting the fireplace. Slipping my feet into a pair of indigenous-made mukluks. Saying grace and taking stock around the Christmas dinner table, looking at the faces of those I love. 

I felt this year that the celebrations and traditions were nicely spread out. We watched our fave movies, baked our fave treats, attended our fave (and some new) activities. We performed our family acts of giving, and reminded the girls (and ourselves) how lucky we are. The girls bought each other and the grownups gifts, and experienced the joy of giving. I hope I always remember Hailey's sheepish, proud grin, when I thanked her profusely for the Christmas shelf decoration she chose for me. And Abby's unapologetic honesty in giving my mom a wooden turtle figurine, all wrapped up, saying, "I didn't want this anymore," to everyone's raucous laughter.

I loved receiving cards and pictures from friends and family across the country. being an RCMP family, we are lucky enough to have friends everywhere. Though everyone's geographic distance and busy lives make it difficult to keep current on each other's lives, these cards maintain a thread of connection that I value. 

The girls were given wonderful gifts, and are enamoured with something different every hour or two today. I love to see each one pick something up, turn it over in her hand, and begin playing with it. I also have to remind them 18284757 times to put one thing away before taking out something else, because if I step on another tiara or Lego piece, Imma lose my mind. 

As 2016 is pulled into yesteryear by 2017, I hope you all feel a sense of peace, purpose and light. Merry Christmas.

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