Sunday, September 11, 2016

September Sets In

There has been much curiosity directed towards me, asking me what I will do now that Hailey and Robin have started kindergarten full days. Most often asked smiling, with eyes wide and an indicative chin motion towards me, hopeful that I may have some liberated answer, I suppose, like, "Anything I want!" Summer, of course, has never been an afterthought in our family. From the moment her existence announced itself on a pregnancy pee stick, Summer has been a very loud, noticeable presence. At three, she is oblivious to any expectation that she sit quietly and entertain herself. So my answer is given with a slightly quizzical look and an empty promise to figure out something.

Summer experiences life on a higher plane, I think, and an assumed belief that all the world's a stage. When the older girls are in school, we will indeed be tasked with figuring out what we will do together. Two mornings a week, she will attend a preschool program. On another she will take gymnastics classes with her best friend while I watch/write/read my book on the sidelines. Beyond that, I am tuning my perspective to be one of appreciation for this year we get to spend together, just her and I. I hope we will bake bread, make errands fun, explore new places, frequent the library, visit friends, and soak up all the benefits of a mama having just one little lady to entertain.

September may mean the drudgery of a return to rules, structure, routine and reality (after a blissful, adventurous summer), but it also means harvest time. Our meals centre around what is locally available and ripe for the picking. This menu is seemingly limitless. All the goodies are ready: root vegetables, garlic, squashes, tree fruits, beans and corn. I will take this offering from September and lap it up greedily. Sometimes literally. 

Our tomatoes are still coming in by the basket every morning, leaving me no end in sight for canning tomato chunks, salsa and ketchup. We picked 35 pounds of apples in about five minutes this weekend, so now we have applesauce to make! I'm hoping our cold basement cold will suffice as storage for the remaining apples, to eat through winter. (I figure if the ones I buy in the store in January have been sitting in cold storage, why can't I load up now myself, locally?) 

I took down my dried lavender and picked off the flowers. I'm not sure how I'll use them. Last year, I made these nice room fresheners by mixing the dried flowers and baking soda in a mason jar with holes in the lid, sprinkling the powder onto carpeted areas. I might make some tea this winter, or use it for a nice chill out moment, opening the jar just for the scent.

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  1. What a special year for you and Summer. So happy we get to be apart of your adventures! We will miss Hailey and Robin though. I hope they are enjoying school!


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