Monday, July 4, 2016

Remember to Breathe

For posterity's sake, here is what the last week of summer has looked like for us: two birthday parties, a baptism, the secret pond, the splash pad, Canada Day, welcoming a new baby to our extended family, the pool and keeping up with my running. (Yes, I became an auntie! I am thrilled!) It's been busy, one activity to the next, then setting up for the next one, packing enough snacks and filling water bottles (it's been hot!) and remembering to catch my breath. My breath. The days have been moving so quickly by that taking a minute to stop, breathe slowly and rest has been the only quiet I experience. But when I collapse into my bed at day's end, I am so, so happy.

Aunt Holly is 22!

A few things have fallen by the wayside in all this summer hubbub adventuring and celebrating. My daily yoga has turned into a quick stretch before bed while I brush my teeth. My morning smoothie has been made closer to evening, leaving me off-kilter. I haven't been sleeping as much (too much fun to be had!), I haven't been planning our meals as well and it feels like one day's party just quiets down before the next. This is fun, but now I think we all need some rest in this house. Rest, some good homemade meals, and a quality summer read. 

Abby's summer novel
We are between big summer adventures. We held my Grama's 90th birthday this past weekend, and seeing the number of people who travelled to celebrate her was a testament to how far-reaching her love has been through her life. I am so lucky to have had so much time with her as I've grown (and keep growing). The next couple weeks see us splashing, eating outside and hanging with friends. Then we embark on a grand road trip adventure to the east coast for a week at the beach! 

I'm careful not to commit to more than we can handle, so I can have enough time and space to better assess what we can handle! That's the vibe I like best about summer time: striking a balance between carefully cultivated adventure experiences and letting the adventure spontaneously manifest before us. Tomorrow we are going to leave a big blank space. Maybe that will mean laying by the pool and colouring. Or walking to the park. Or both. Or neither. Tonight I thank my lucky summer night stars that this choice is ours to make freely. We live a pretty wonderful life, together.


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    Couldn't resist :) Happy summer!


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