Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Parc Omega

A visit to Parc Omega in Montebello, Quebec has been on my summer bucket list for a few years now. The idea is, you drive through a North American animal safari, feeding some animals from your car, seeing others from afar. I thought my kids my freak the eff out, but aside from a few caribou drool strings, everyone loved it! Each girl took her turn hand-feeding a large animal an apple or carrot, then giggling merrily as we rolled the window back up. 

The chance to get so up close with these animals local to our landscape was so worthwhile. I could hear the girls observe traits and behaviours they had only seen on Wild Kratts (a PBS show about animals). They learned to be gentle and quiet, and to approach new animals with a healthy balance of curiosity and trepidation. 

Black bear in the wildflowers

Stay hydrated, mama bison
Each girl has her favourite by day's end, though it kept changing as we discussed what we'd seen and learned. My favourite had to be this mama bison, all covered in fur, standing in the heat, nursing her calf. Solidarity, sister.

Oh! Hello, goat!

There was a farm behind the wildlife preserve, where we could walk freely among the livestock. It was very hands on, and though I was a bit nervous when Hailey approached a peacock mid-mating dance, she stood back a respectable distance and came home enraptured with the memory of its beautiful plumage.  

Aunt Holly perfects the goat selfie

Deer antlers so velvety smooth

Little lamb
I admit, bringing four girls on any kind of outing involves a baseline of anxiety as I strive to strike a balance between vigilant supervision, good behaviour enforcement and carefree enjoyment. My sister came along (we were celebrating her birthday), so that helped. Ice cream cones eaten in a teepee helped too. And when all else failed, cuddling cute barn kitties solves everything for everyone ever.

Fallen caterpillar


  1. I need that picture of the goat out the window

  2. I love your braids!!!! and everything else about this post <3


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