Sunday, June 26, 2016

Summertime and the Living is Easy

Outside my window the leafy tree branches dance in a big, wide, slow sway. Back and forth, in time with the tempo the wind sets. Gusts come in, then retreat. Clouds appear where, only a moment ago, there were none. I know this dance, this preparatory performance. A summer storm is coming. It must come. After a week of humid, hot warm days, our atmosphere can only take so much. Pressure builds until the skies erupt in a torrent of big, fat raindrops, powerful winds and then ... the temperature drops. The grasses are cooled. The trees stop swaying, and it passes, making way for another slew of warm days ahead.

I know this summer theatre well. Predictable, understandable, and completely outside my power, so all there is to do is watch it coming and then succumb. We have been blessed with storybook-beautiful summer weather, charmed by such hot-weather indicators as dragonflies and slow-flying birds. We have been rotating between the pool, the park, our colouring books and the kitchen before falling into our needs delirious with exhaustion.

 Our garden is transitioning from "leave it to grow" to required feeding, diligent watering, transplanting, snipping, and harvesting a few early treats. This is our first year growing garlic, so eating the tasty garlic scapes this week was an inaugural treat. We have been eating our chives, rhubarb, green onions, spinach and sage. We're still waiting on blueberries, raspberries, basil and tomatoes. With 11 plants, our tomato harvest is promising, but anything can happen. We tend to the plants as best we can and hope the harvest gods will smile upon us.

Garlic scapes


Abby finishes school this week and then we hit the ground running into summer vacation: Canada Day, reuniting with our east-coast friends, a baptism, my grama's 90th birthday, visits from our American relatives and promises to go to the secret pond. I know we'll need a respite of lazy pool days and slow mornings after all that, and I look forward to those almost as much as our busy adventures. We have a loose list of summer to-do's: a drive to Nova Scotia, cottage visits, the wildlife preserve, a novel study, the movies, sleepovers and eating ice cream for dinner once or twice. Summertime, and the living is easy.


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