Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy solstice

Happy solstice! This has been a special day for my family since we've been a family at all. A day to be slow, lift our faces to the sky, feel the sun, and cultivate gratitude for this, the longest day of the year. Since living here, we mark the day by noticing our front pink peonies have bloomed, and going to the strawberry patch to pick buckets full of nature's candy. Truly, there is nothing more sweet than a bursting, red strawberry right off the bush, already hot from sitting under the solstice sun. 

We kept Abby home this morning for a celebratory field trip to the farm with our friends visiting from Australia. This girls are all capable enough this year to make solid contributions to our berry collection pails, so we came home with quite a haul. We'll freeze some, bake some into treats and eat the rest gluttonously.

 We celebrated Father's Day understatedly, just the way he likes it: Greasy spoon breakfast, then send him to his dad's for an afternoon of board games while the girls and I swim the day away and prepare a barbecue feast. It has been humid and hot, the best days to have a backyard pool. Four, sometimes five times a day we all hustle outside and see who will jump in first.

I teach the girls the words to Porgy and Bess' Summertime, hoping that as they grow older and develop their own summertime soundtracks, it might make the cut. Mine also includes Nat King Cole's Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer, the Sesame Street theme, LFO's Summertime Girls and Ace of Base's I Saw the Sign, because it was on repeat summer of 1994, and that was a memorable summer. 

Abby organized and threw a pool party all on her own to celebrate the coming of summer. She wrote out a plan, right down to the peculiar menu of popcorn, cheezies, watermelon and pancakes she made herself. The pancakes were actually a huge hit, so that will teach me not to doubt her authority when it comes to pleasing a crowd of seven-year-old girls. 

I haven't tried it before, but around the world on the summer solstice, many yogis will do 108 suryanamaskars (or sun salutation series). I don't think these little sun children of mine will grant me the time to get through all 108, so I invited a few yogi friends of mine in similar situations to collectively attempt 108 together. So far this afternoon, I'm at three, so I better go hit the mat while the kids are occupied in "quiet time" upstairs!

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