Friday, June 3, 2016

Field Trip

I heard there was a new, super awesome aquarium in one of my favourite waterfront towns. There was nothing to decide but what day and how soon. Brockville is about an hour and a half away, so committing to a day trip on a sunny summer weather June Friday meant going along with another road trip enthusiast to expand the fun levels exponentially, my friend Alyssa and her kids. Tim gorton's drive-thru complete, we hit the road and caravanned our way south.

We packed a picnic lunch (obvs), ate it in front of the St. Lawrence seaway, and literally looked at each other with wide-eyed smiles, remarking how much fun road trips are, and how happy we felt to be out on the water on such a nice summer day. We took the cheese factor up reeeeeeal high, unabashed. The kids saw tall ships, live sea otters, a number of fish species, a pirate ship and what it looks like to carpe diem.

 The aquarium didn't disappoint, either. When the doors opened, a kind older lady ushered our gaggle of kids up to her open tanks full of crabs and starfish, inviting each kid to look up close at each species. We then went to see the otters eat, after rolling and playing with each other. It is literally impossible to be anything but happy watching otters roll and play.

The kids climbed in and out of every hidden tunnel and crevice on a giant ship climbing structure. (That was a joy, as a parent on her own with four really fast-moving children. I couldn't really keep an eye on them, so I waited by the exit and hoped for the best).

Our impromptu field trip turned out to be a fabulous kick-off to the season of adventure: road trips, beach days, late night backyard swims, and al fresco everything.

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