Tuesday, May 31, 2016


The beginning of this month saw snow (!) and here we are, the last couple days of May, with weather that has been heavy, humid and hot at 40 degrees. This spring season has been very 'blink, and you miss it': The tulips were here and gone in a week. The garden was all brown and now explodes with green. The girls were bundled in layers and now run free in sundresses. Alongside the enthusiastic fruit blossoms, eager to explode from branches, my girls have been growing and developing at an astronomical rate. Within an hour, Hailey and Robin learned to swim. Summer learned all the alphabet and numbers to ten. Abby can skip. I hardly noticed that things must have been quiet for us a few weeks ago, because now they are fast and wild and growing freely in the direction of the sun (plants, children and artists, that is).

All doubts I had about my pathetic-looking indoor-grown vegetable sprouts have been loving new homes outdoors in plentiful, well-nourished soil, restoring my faith in myself as a gardener. Really, the best garden growth happens when I step back, leave it alone and cross my fingers, hoping for the best. I am now fully optimistic we will be rolling in tomatoes, spinach and basil come August.

It must be human nature that when we are deprived of something so long and then presented with it again, we lap it up with desperate indulgence, lest it be taken away again soon. This is how it has been with warm, sunny weather. It has been so long since my bare skin felt wind blow over its tiny hairs that we are spending all day outside. Sunscreen and hats on, Mama packs the snack bag and fills the water bottles and the adventure begins. A short break for lunch, then another park, or a swim, or sending the girls to play and imaginary game for a few hours while I plant, or read, or sit happily, surveying the scene. We come home filthy, sun-kissed, knees skinned, and wonder why we're so tired. 

I am beginning to set into motion plans for summer adventures, road trips, books to read, and meals to cook with stuff I've grown. (It is amazing how quickly my daydreams and plans begin to revolve around food). I went to Toronto for five days, and it served as an unofficial kickoff to summer. It was hot, I ate delicious food, ran along the waterfront, visited family and friends, found my new summer jam song, and saw Beyonce in concert. That was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for sure, words can do no justice. 

Yesterday, my first day home with the girls again, I could feel summer vibes creeping in: we put off homework, coursework, even dinner plans in order to stay outside, lazily chilling by the pool. We re-applied sunscreen when we remembered. I stayed in a bathing suit until it dried and it was time for another dip. We had an impromptu dinner party with friends who brought dinner (saving the day and adding to the fun). It's all happening, my favourite time of year. No real constraints or pressures, just good warm weather days with the people I love, doing what I love best.

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