Friday, March 11, 2016


A lot of hippy spiritual teachings prescribe "putting it out there" to the universe. As in: "Do you want good things to happen to you? Just put it out there, dude." (In my imagination, I read hippy spiritual teachings in Keanu Reeve's voice.) Apparently, that's the secret- envision, wish for and pray for something, then be open to possibilities, and watch the good times roll. Well, I've been working on being more open to possibilities and noticing the special beauty in the mundane, small happenings. In practicing, the everyday small things have been suddenly transformed into absolutely beautiful phenomena to my previously untrained eye. 

On our adventure to Petrie Island today, I spotted what looked like roadkill beside the bridge, lying on the ice. I slowed down for a second look. It turned out to be two cute beavers huddled together, eating sticks. In all my time visiting the island, I have never seen one, let alone two so close. So, either the hippy nature gods decided to toss me a bone in the form of cute beavers, or else my minivan just happened to drive by the right place at the right time. I believe in the former. 

The girls were excited to check out the beavers, too, and talked about it the rest of the afternoon. I love when they find something in nature to get totally jazzed about. It was the first nice day of spring: temperature above zero, sun shining, splash pants instead of snow pants. Life is good. Life is also about ebbs and flows, and after a few minutes of checking out the island, the girls decided they'd rather play in the trunk of the minivan than do any more exploring on this beautiful day. So, I left a door open and went for a walk with our friends (in full sight of the van, don't worry) and enjoyed a sunny spring day, small beauties and big goodness. 

Toddlers and mud, a classic combination

Tonight marks the start of March break, so we're gearing up with activities to keep busy. March break was always special growing up. We rarely vacationed anywhere, so when we stayed home, my mom took us on special outings to museums and restaurants, wave pools and movies. I can still conjure up that excitement of a very special week, and am doing my best to work with what we've got and make memories together this coming week. I have also learned that during a demanding parenting week like March Break (it can be SO intense being on all the time!) I rely on stolen moments to collect myself, breathe deeply for a sec, maybe read a little and get some daily yoga in, or else I start feeling burnt out real quick. 

A watched pot won't boil
I'm looking forward to this week with my little girls club. I know there will be times when noticing the special moments will help me ride out the challenging, "everyone is crying" moments. Ebbs and flows. Looking for extraordinary, small wonders.

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