Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March Break Brings Spring

Spring has sprung, this I know: 
We wear rubber boots and splash pants outside, sometimes without jackets.
I hear the staccato drip of ice melting down my metal drain pipes.
We have been outside longer, and every day.
We have been enjoying a March Break with great weather. Rain melts the snow a little each day, when we retreat indoors to the museum, the movies, the McDonald's play place or to play board games at home. Then it gets nice and we head out to play with neighbours, to the sugar bush for maple taffy, the farm to see the animals, the park for a walk. 

The possibilities that come with more favourable weather have really put a spring in my step! (Sorry, I had to.) Our spring break has, so far, been mostly fun. Big adventures, special treats, and memories I hope the girls will keep. If not, I have pictures!

Baa baa black sheep

We have visited a new baby (which is a beautiful way to welcome in spring, don't you think?) and talked about the new life all around us. We have seen the snowbanks on our front lawn recede and offer peeks of grass. We have drawn with chalk, wildly throwing off our mittens when the air becomes warm enough to play without them.

Oh, Hailey

The older these girls get, the more we can get out to do as a family, and this is making me so happy. I cried sentimental tears sitting in a bright red movie theatre for Hailey, Robin and Summer's first theatre show. I took them to the sugar bush this morning and didn't have to worry much about them running off, because they are old enough to be given instructions and follow them (sometimes only under the threat of having a future treat taken away, but whatever works). 

When I no longer have to scan my surroundings ever few seconds, nervously locating four little heads and worrying how we will make it through the outing safely, I can really enjoy it. It's a nice feeling to step back, watch my crazy girls chase chickens, and laugh. Not worry one will trip and cry, because now they are old enough to handle these types of small hurts and disappointments without tantrums (for the most part). Or maybe I'm the one that's changed.

Walking her dogs

Who knew an Easy-Bake oven project was so messy? 

March Break is being pretty good to us, and I am thankful. 


  1. I love all the photos in this post, but in particular the last 2 are so precious!!!

  2. oh my gosh, these pictures are all so beautiful Sarah! Some are funny too! the dogs being walked- love that!
    You'll be so happy that you have these to look back on.

    1. Thank you! The longer days have been nice to shoot in!

  3. Just so you know, I am living vicariously through all your stories and updates until I have children and a family of my own. So, thanks. :) :)

    1. Thank you Molly! Have a nice weekend, and don't forget to ask yourself, "what do I really want to do today?"


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