Wednesday, February 17, 2016


My wonderful twin little girls turned four today, and I feel like a threshold has been passed. Never again will I get to hold my own twin miracle babies on one arm, cuddle them both up to my chest or nuzzle my nose into two baby-soft heads. Never again will I be obliged to endure twin toddlers, the dangers of two newly mobile babies, the difficulty of newborn babies waking in ping-pong all night long.  Nothing stays the same, of course, and everyone grows onwards and upwards.

Handmade cards from Johanna. The girls will treasure them for a long time.

These little girls are four. Getting ready for school, happy to make their own friends, learning to write their names and knead bread like pros. They are so capable, so amazing, to me. They will continue to give me challenges, I'm sure, but as individuals, as they grow. The hard part of their being two of them is largely over.  They are growing into themselves, and parallel each other. They bicker like an old married couple, finish each other's sentences, sleep next to each other and send each other into giggles. They are so close, it's beautiful, really. Their connection is so beyond sisters and best friends. It's such a privilege to watch.

We spent the day celebrating, albeit things were a bit tempered by our city's record-breaking snowfall yesterday. Abby stayed home a second day in a row, and we got to know our neighbours real well as well all helped each other shovel and push cars out of the 50cm of snow that fell. We started the day with special pancakes, sprinkles and vanilla yogurt (with candles for the special ladies). Once roads were clear enough to manage, the girls and I went to gymnastics drop-in to run around, climb, balance and play. We worked on a crayon craft, watched Little Mermaid, played inside and had the family over for dinner. Hailey chose homemade pizza and Robin wanted my mac'n'cheese for dinner. 

It's been a great day, but holy moly this mama is wiped! Time to make preschool snacks, put away the dishes, have a drank and elevate these feet while I watch Downton Abbey. (Mamas always have to celebrate ourselves on our kids' birthdays too, don't we?)

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