Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Nova Scotia

This post is brought to you by a loving partner who knows me the best, and recognizes my need to go on adventures. He saw in my eyes a pleading hope, last September, and granted me my wish of flying on points to Nova Scotia in the middle of winter to greet a special new baby and see my friend. With his blessing, I was off to the sea...

I have spent five days bouncing a baby, reading magazines, walking through new places along the Bay of Fundy with my dear friend Johanna. The time in a family's life right after a new baby comes home is very special. Everyone is getting to know the baby, and adjusting to having an extra person in the house. It is a time for slowing down, taking care that everyone's needs are met, and little else. I understood as soon as I walked in to Johanna's (beautiful!) home that I was entering a very sacred space.

We know each other very, very well and have been friends through a lot of big changes. The biggest changes, really. I am very comfortable around her and her family and, thankfully, they with me, so as soon as I arrived, the work of helping out began. We did cups of tea, warm meals, reading magazines, taking pictures, watching so many episodes of Full House, yoga, good talks, little adventures around town, and much cuddling of sweet baby Wesley.

I came during winter and was greeted by a maritime storm. I learned how east coasters do blizzards, and I took notes. I am absolutely taking home the idea of storm chips: a special bag of chips you buy and set aside for eating during the next storm, when it's time to hunker down and get cozy. When the weather allowed, we took little trips to the sea, into Wolfville's farmers market and main street shops, out on country drives and to token east coast shopping at Wheaton's and Frenchy's. I thoroughly enjoyed eating local fish and chips with the good, homemade tartar sauce, and Johanna's homemade chowder.

The storm meant we missed out on visits with a few of our Yukon friends who have been transplanted nearby, but thus is the fickle fortune of mother nature. We also missed our friend Carol-Ann so much, after she had to cancel her surprise visit from Newfoundland. She is other third member of our trifecta, and though we Skyped one night while making dinner, nothing can beat an in-person visit. Ideas for future adventures together are in the works! (But, poor Rich, lets let him get over this one first)

I missed my family and am happy to return home to them, to my own nest. Having the chance to welcome Wesley to the world, to connect with my friend in her new east coast home, and to write another page in our book of adventures together is very, very special in our continuing history.


  1. Our continuing history. How lovely. xox
    Thank you Sarah. This visit was very special to me and I will always always cherish it. xox

  2. Sounds like a cozy trip. Wesley is such a cute baby!


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