Friday, January 29, 2016


We are getting outside nearly every day to walk Abby to school, take solar to the park, and give ourselves some fresh air and movement. The cold air kissing our cheeks and filling our lungs is a kind of elixir against suffering from over-hibernated winter blahs. Sitting begets sitting. Sleeping longer than usual makes us feel groggy for most of the day. So we toboggan, walk, climb snow mountains, skate and explore. One of the wonders of winter, I've found, is the simple but profound comfort of coming inside our home after being outside.

Outside is an outing; most of are days are spent in our man-made cozy den. In winter we burn more candles, light more fires, cook more creamy comfort foods, watch more television, sit for afternoon tea and make more art. 

I don't always like the idea of watching so many movies or sitting down to do yet another craft. If I'm being honest with myself, though, it feels so good to give in and obey to our wants this time of year. Hot chocolate, another hour of colouring, one more episode on Netflix, why not? Indulge in our cozy home filled with tons of activities. There is always something to do, if we just explore with a little bit of creativity and magic. See? Scissors, printer paper and glitter glue become snowflakes. (I didn't say impressive crafts)

I don't know about you, but this time of year also makes me want to go shopping. Maybe because I'm inside more, looking around, making little redesigns to rooms, so I feel more like adding to our collections. Heating costs, fun surprises like broken gas fireplaces and life mean that I don't have the luxury of a 'household decor' budget, so inspired by my thrift store shopping in Nova Scotia, I went to our closest Value Village and scored some treasures for us all to enjoy inside. 

For $15, we got 10 books (Little Golden, Berenstein Bears and classic fairy tales) and four sweet little mugs for the girls to drink their afternoon tea. After quiet time (which is a real misnomer for what occurs between 1pm and 2:30pm), I light a candle in a little jam jar, put it on the kids' table, and we all wait patiently for the tea to steep. I serve them rooibos chai with milk and honey, I don't need to pump these creatures with caffeine, ah thank you. On the side, a small plate of animal crackers, or some other baking, if we're lucky. No matter how the day is going, this little ritual gives me just enough pause to rest my frazzled mind, breathe, sit and enjoy how sweet these little girls are. 

We have a busy weekend ahead, celebrating Abby's seventh birthday. Her excitement is contagious. 

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