Saturday, January 2, 2016

Feed the Birds

Everyone cried and whined as they put on their snow pants. They wanted to stay home and watch another movie. After years of shuttling kids into snow gear and out the door, I am immune to these pleas. "We are going to feed the chickadees; I didn't ask if you wanted to, I told you that's what we're doing; Sometimes we do what mama wants to do; I'll bring chocolate for a snack along the way." That one usually wins them over.

We set out with our sled for a 1km loop through the woods, sharing the trail with snowshoers and skiers. My pockets were full of bird seed and Ferrero Rochers. The weather was perfect, just hovering at the freezing point. The girls still complained their hands were cold, after taking off their mitts and sticking their hands in the snow. Let's just call that 'experiential learning,' now that I'm warming up at home with a hot chocolate à la Bailey's. 

Papa bear got a workout pulling the sled, I got my wish of spending at least part of the day in the woods, the girls eventually got to eat their chocolates, and the chickadees scored some birdseed, so I'm feeling like we're winning all around.

In this scene, the girls ran into each others' arms from a distance.
Today feels like the last real day of Christmas vacation, and it kind of is. Tomorrow's a regular old Sunday: laundry, making Abby's school lunch, a few groceries before the work/school week begins. I think we're ready, though I have been loving the slow, lazy mornings that last until about 10 am, where we all kind of do our own thing until one of us decides what we're doing today. Ah well, nothing lasts, right?

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  1. I always love seeing the wonderful events/memories you have planned for your kids! Feeding the chickadees and a winter awesome. Happy New Year!


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