Saturday, December 12, 2015

This and That

The weather hasn't stopped being strange, but we're rolling with it. Instead of tobogganing, we head out to the park. I took the bag of sidewalk chalk out of storage and watched the girls create a chalk city for their princesses. No mitts, no boots, no snotty noses.  It's been a longer-feeling week with Rich working 12-hour days and nights, so if the weather grants me reprieve in the way of sunny, warm afternoons, I know better than to squander them.

It may not feel festive in the forecast, but we're counting down the days, spreading kindness and preparing of Christmas, full steam ahead. My friend Laura is a very talented horticulturalist who does fantastic planters and wreaths this time of year. Score for me: my front door looks awesome and I didn't do it, yay! I'll take minimal effort when possible. My wreath has eucalyptus woven in and smells ah-mazing.

Do any other mamas find this time of year just puts a magnifying glass on all those feelings of guilt/ineptitude/pressure? I usually fancy myself a pretty confidant lady but, man, Decembers can leave me wondering: Am I screwing them up? Are they spoiled? Do I connect with each of them every day? Essentially: Am I good enough? Really, those are the wrong questions to be asking, but that doesn't keep those boats from setting up shop in doubt harbour. Perhaps it's the introspection the dark and quiet of the month bring, but suddenly these questions are popping up. I try to arm myself with kind, gentle answers. #Truth.

In me-me-me news, my big story from an adventure back to the Yukon earlier this year has hit newsstands. It's my biggest story to date (exposure-wise), a multi-page feature in Explore magazine. It is also a soul-fulfilling collaboration with Johanna, and it has made me so, so happy to see her amazing work in print. She deserves it. Her pictures make the piece, and her willingness to accompany and chauffeur me for this adventure can never be measured. 

I've also begun dipping my toes back into the working world waters. I've been asked to jump on board with a team of really interesting, passionate people making a difference in the world of aboriginal justice. They needed someone with exactly my skill set: interviewing, writing to deadline, researching and analyzing, knowledge of current issues and aboriginal justice framework. I am practicing mindfulness, remembering to stop, breathe and go slow as I navigate these changes: I have a few more responsibilities, the work is high-impact, and I still have my home life to keep afloat. But I feel ready.

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