Monday, December 7, 2015

Strange Days

Things feel a little funny around here: There is no snow. The air was 10 degrees when I went for my run the other day. We are making and preparing a holiday with decor centring around snow and cold outdoors when it is anything but. While the days approach their shortest, our responsibilities at school, around the home and in being social lend themselves less to hibernation and more to fighting against our instincts. We feel tired in the mornings after long sleeps and heart meals, then strangely hyper when we go for a walk and can peel off layers.

This strangeness surely will not last. Strange might be the very adjective we use in future seasons to describe this December, so what is there to do but embrace and explore it. We went to the park today and played without snow pants on. We mailed out the first batch of Christmas cards and opened ours when the postman came by. We thought all of Summer's teeth were in, but she's been cranky, saying her mouth hurts and getting the telltale red cheeks that tell me otherwise. A wreath of fresh greens is hung on my front door, and my garlic bulbs have sprouted in the garden. 

In spite of all this weird business, there are a few telltale signs that it's December in our house. the girls wear tights and cute winter dress shoes every day. I open a new flavour of tea from my advent calendar each morning (thanks to a formidable friend!). Our halls are decked and my holiday candle is lit most evenings. No matter what the weather, the damp cold of long nights makes me want to turn inward, quiet down and rest.

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