Saturday, December 5, 2015

Preparing for Christmas

We are away from screens a lot these days, preparing for Christmas in all kinds of ways. I have a big pile of cards to write and address, then we have a dance recital and a celebratory dinner for all our little dancers tonight. We haven't put up our tree yet, and then I would like to start our baking. 

In all the holiday hubbub, it's important that we (and I) carve out time for special adventures, quiet moments of reflection and cuddling together. I took advantage of warm weather and went for a quiet trail run so I could gather my thoughts, take in the changing scenery and appreciate a stolen moment by myself. We also joined my good friend and her kids for an adventure to the Cumberland Village museum for a special Christmas adventure.

I shy from big gatherings this time of year, and malls are not my jam. We like to be outside, so the outdoor lights and activities at the museum were a special treat. 

We toured the 1900s-era village in a wagon pulled by Clydesdales, singing carols and laughing at Summer when she told the stranger next to us that she had peed a bit on her tights. Oh well!

Each building housed a Christmas activity: gingerbread cookie decorating, ornament making, we played hockey, sent an old-fashioned telegram to Santa and roasted marshmallows at a bonfire.

Better than any mall picture taking zone, zero waiting in line, and we got to meet the sweetest Santa! Some festive elves ushered us into a living room where Santa sat waiting for us. He held each kid on his lap, asked what they wished for, and told them he would do his best to leave one on Christmas Eve. Abby asked for fairy wings, Hailey and Robin asked for new blanks (their muslin twaddlers are tattered and old), and though Summer was too scared to sit, she let him know she'd like a dragon. You know what else? Santa squeezed their hands and told them he loved them, very much. Isn't that so sweet?

It can become quite busy preparing for Christmas but there is always, always, a way to make special memories from simple things.

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