Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve

I just want to warn everyone that I received a new camera lens for Christmas that takes excellent detail/portrait shots, so be prepared for a sudden onslaught of both. Exhibit A: Our hot chocolate session post-snowpocalypse shovelling turned into a chance to test the lens out.

I always feel like cleaning on New Year's Eve, a sort of nesting to make sure all is clean, de-cluttered (de-Christmased) and ready. I like a fresh start, and am superstitious about few things, but being freshly showered, in a clean house, with no outstanding debts is how I prefer to start a new year. A clean slate. There is so much possibility in a new beginning, isn't there? 

I have made resolutions before; some have waned, and some have lasted, like the year I resolved to only read books recommended to me (I loved that one!). This year, I resolve to try to complain less. No one likes to hear it, it rarely helps me feel better, and more often than not it serves only to project my discomfort or bruised ego onto someone else. A good vent can sometimes do me some good, but overall, this is what I would like to unload from my repertoire of coping-with-life measures: complaining. Many of my heroes are notable non-complainers, and I've found it to be something I specifically admire about them.

Happy new year to you all, may you have a full cup and a warm hug come midnight!

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