Monday, November 9, 2015

What I Learned in Toronto

1. Road trips without any music, or kids, or set schedule, are refreshingly fun ways to connect deeper with a friend.
2. Turning 30 means I'm a big girl now, no excuses for not knowing, and plenty of confidence (with a strut to show it).
3. Dom Perginon's price tag is mighty high but oh, there is nothing in the world quite like it.

4. Shared hotel rooms with my best friends is a fast-track to a measure of intense laughter that leaves me crying, grabbing my stomach in pain, gasping for breath.
5. Those girls really do know me.
6. Beyonce must have crazy strong neck muscles, because one Beyography class lasting two hours left us all with a killer case of whiplash (but our hair flips were fierce).

7. A $40 way to feel like a celebrity is to get a blowout, put on red lipstick, your best heels, and walk through a fancy hotel lobby to dinner.
8. The best clubs are the ones without signs, clear entrances or public listings.
9. I still got it. 

10. The most desired way to endure a hangover may be to curl up on the couch watching a movie, but we're 30 now, real life calls. (Brunch at the Drake is a close second0
11. My friends are always ready to answer the call for an epic adventure.
12. Some drag queens are really, really good at the tuck.
13. Toronto people walk everywhere.
14. And really love Drake songs.

1 comment:

  1. Happy belated birthday. It sounds like it was great. The "thirties" have been my favourite decade so far...


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