Friday, November 20, 2015

Sick Day

The girls and I enjoyed a relatively illness-free summer and fall, so I knew our card would be drawn soon enough. We may have been coasting on the old wives' tale of getting lots of fresh air to stave off sickness. Perhaps my penchant for forgetting to wash hands, our that the girls only use soap in the bath maybe once a week, (thus strengthening our immune systems?) has kept colds at bay. I made sure to stock up on our homemade pantry essential, ready for the inevitable onslaught of a cold that infiltrates everyone in our household. (That is: lemons, honey, ginger, and oranges, plus some homemade bone broth).

We got out for a few walks this week, and while the fresh air felt good, a seasonal cold crept into our house anyway. 

It came, and went, like a lamb, I'm happy to say. Our illness-free streak has been broken, but it was also, dare I say, fun? Our symptoms were few: sniffles, dry coughs, aches, general tiredness. We brought each girls' quilt downstairs to the couch, set up camp with Kleenexes, garbage pail, water bottles and a damp cloth and a few drops of eucalyptus oil to clear our sinuses. (I straight up took Advil cold and sinus, because someone had to be the grownup taking care of everyone). I put on Kids CBC all morning long and sat reading my book, (a real page-turner). 

Me, by Abby.

We took a break to drink some herbal tea, colour pictures, and then return to the couch for more TV. It was glorious. Everyone ate up my chicken noodle soup for lunch, napped, came downstairs for feel-better popsicles (a frozen blend of plain Greek yogurt, pumpkin puree, ginger, lemon juice and honey), a screening of Bambi, dinner, a lavender bath, and then into bed for a good night's rest. It felt very autumnal to turn inward, stay inside, cozy up and eat warm things on a rainy day.

We awoke feeling much better, Still a little stuffed up, but rested, ready to get back outside to burn off pent-up energy. It has been cold, but as the saying goes, there is no bad weather, just bad gear. So, we have broken out our winter jackets and boots, paired them with splash pants, light mitts and neck warmers (the real key to warmth, I say) and returned to the waterfront, into the woods and out for neighbourhood walks, taking in what sun we can in these shortened days. (One month until the shortest day of the year!)

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