Monday, November 30, 2015

C'mon in

Cozy up with me on December Eve, the last day of the month before the last month of the year. Try listening to this if you need help getting in the zone. I'll pour some Christmas tea and lend you some slippers; our wood floors can be cold. The sun is supposed to set at 4:17 tomorrow, can you believe it? Countdowns to the solstice, Christmas, the last weekends of the year leave me feeling a little frenzied. Before we go making any plans, let's just chill together.

The girls remind me of why I am so lucky to be a mother this time of year. Their excitement is infectious, but their natural proclivity to sit for longer stretches and do a craft, or curl up with picture books, or work on a puzzle centres me. We are slowing down. I follow their lead and they follow mine. Summer playtime centred around water, shovels and pails, toys with wheels and blowing bubbles, but now our imaginary play scenes evolve from unfolded quilts, dress-up clothes, stuffed animals and made-up songs.

Unlike years past, I am setting up for the holidays slowly this year. We started with the dishes and tea set. Then it was the mantle and doorknob hangers. Today it was the movies and we all sat to watch a version of the book Abby read at school today. The kids get excited for the magic of Santa, so we discuss wish gifts from the big guy. We are preparing our hearts slowly as well. I make sure we talk about ways to spread cheer and help others, a big part of the holidays for me. I have a few small gestures planned, but we haven't yet decided what 'big' donation to do this year. Have you?

Thanks for joining me. Now, I am going to go eat a wheel of brie. If you're lucky, I'll share.

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  1. Thanks for the hospitality :-) Best wishes to your entire family during this festive season!


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