Saturday, October 10, 2015


 I am reclined in my La-Z-Boy, sipping peppermint tea and watching Almost Famous, nurturing my tryptophan-induced food baby. I am beat tired but in the most satisfying way: My body is exhausted from days spent closing the garden for winter, cozy-fying our home and getting up to my elbows in home-cooked foods for the long weekend. It has been quintessentially autumn. Me and the birds, all doing the same thing with our nests and families. Preparing.

In the kitchen, the girls have helped me prep and brine the turkey for tomorrow's dinner. I have canned applesauce from a family friend's tree harvested before the first frost set in. We made a chocolate pumpkin cake just because. I have peeled and chopped and roasted nearly every type of root vegetable. Because we can. There is such an abundance around us and we are eating it.

After waiting longer than felt comfortable, (I get antsy waiting on weather, and do much better with specific dates!) I planted some garlic bulbs after the first frost and had two heaping piles of compost and mulch delivered that then needed to be shovelled onto the garden. Back breaking work, but oh, that soreness reminds me that our family is doing something with this small parcel of land we are lucky to own. And that is satisfying indeed. 

We certainly don't have a lot of things: a big bank account, a travel fund, any impressive cars, recent clothes, matching furniture, a full pantry, a clean floor, enough toilet paper, or a plan. But the list of things we do have is so much longer. And on this Thanksgiving weekend, I stand in meditation, washing dishes after dinner, thinking of that list. Of all the things for which I am so grateful. 

We put a lot of effort into reaping what we sow. (Literally and figuratively). Every sunny autumn spent walking in the woods with my girls, or preparing a dish in my warm kitchen, or curled on the couch watching a movie with Rich reminds me that it's always worth it. It's worth the physical exhaustion, the empty bank account, the second-guessing myself when I should be sleeping, the wrinkles, all of the sacrifices. 

I am rich, in so many ways. Most immediately, I am rich in waistline and melatonin. Good night. :)

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  1. Great idea. I will try this for my next time. Keep sharing it for me !


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