Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fall Comforts

And just like that, we turned the page on summer and greeted autumn. I've felt it everywhere: my grama and I both felt called to get going on house projects this week, some biorhythm prompting us to prepare to hibernate. I wore socks a few times. We have cooked and baked recipes that fill the house with warmth and cinnamon. Today, it is raining, so I put my feet up on the couch beside an open window, covered myself in a blanket, opened my book and sipped Ovaltine from a heavy pottery mug. This is how I welcome fall.

Bonfire: the official scent of autumn

This pull to welcome a new season may come from having kids, whose discovery of the seasons delights me, but I think it's something to which we can all relate. Like Nora Ephron wrote, autumn makes us think of freshly sharpened pencils, doesn't it? We too have ushered in a new school year with great aplomb. I went school supply shopping for the first time for our grade-school big girl, and pulled out rain gear for our walks to and from school in all weather. I made lunches packed into cute little containers with notes from mama. I meal planned suppers meant to comfort our weary souls during our return to routine, but found that everyone has got the hang of it without much fuss.

The twins were disappointed not to be attending school this year.

I have plans to tear up and prune back the garden for another dormant season. We are preparing our home for much-anticipated guests and the coming winter. Wood has been chopped, walls have been painted, candles are lit and the quilts are out again. Comfort, in our food, home and souls.

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