Sunday, August 23, 2015

Off to the lake

The day began, not surprisingly, with a panicked phone call with my mom. I was tired, frazzled, trying to collect last-minute sunscreen bottles and car snacks. I had been on my own with the girls (sunup to sundown) for the past week. The idea of driving two hours on my own again with a vanful of girls wasn't at the top of my "what I'd love to be doing right now" list. My mom encouraged me, and the girls were excited so, with one foot in front of the other we loaded up the van, we drove to Tim Horton's (obviously) and hit the road to northern Quebec. 

And you know what? Somewhere between the rolling hills and country landscapes (complete with livestock sightings), between the emerald green water and the jumps off the dock, between the screened in porch in the most beautiful cottage I've ever seen and the catch-ups with my longest and best friend, between the delicious dinner and freedom for my girls to run around as their wild selves, I decided that this day was right at the top of my list of "what I'd love to be doing right now." 

It was beautiful in all meanings of the words: the small treasures and big wonders. The way Summer curled right into my best friend's boyfriend's lap. The way Abby jumped right into the lake. The smile Hailey grew when I thanked her for being such a good girl. Robin's penchant for stirring up mischief, the kind that borders naughty but is mostly hilarious. All these qualities paired with a gorgeous summer day at a cottage made for a really good, warm feeling. 

I drove home with four nodding, then sleeping heads behind me. I exhaled big and deep, satisfied with a belly full of good food and sun-warmed skin. The sun was setting over farmer's fields and quaint Quebec villages. CBC's Vinyl Tap was on the radio and life felt good. It was idyllic, and anyone would be validated in calling me hokey, but when it feels right, I do it. I mean, it started out with self-induced panic, but oh, giving into the call for adventure was so right. 

I'm so glad we went, and that we have these pictures to prove the water really was as clear and as blue as we remembered. 


  1. looks like we both had a similar idea and a similar experience. Glad you had a fantastic day at the lake making memories with your girls

  2. You did it! Such an inspiration! xox


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