Monday, July 6, 2015

A Great Many Things

There have been a great many things going on around here. They are the small treasure kind of things, things others may not notice or see as special. To us, they are the things we go to bed smiling about. Reading books on the back step at sunrise, just me and my oldest girl (who felt called to wake up). Pasta with a sauce made mostly of greens from our garden, delicious! Homemade hibiscus iced tea. Fresh picked strawberries. Front porch haircuts. Rescuing Dora figures from the bottom of the pool. Backyard barbecue parties. Murals made of glitter paint.

Haircuts: Hailey and Robin look different now, which I think will go a long way in helping them grow as single beings. I see the resignation and sighs they make when someone confuses them for the other twin, and it breaks my heart a little. I gave Hailey, with her impish grin and silly nature, a cute little Meg Ryan haircut. Robin's is more Lauren Bacall, to let her lovely ringlets flow. Abby wanted one too, so I attempted layers to accommodate her thick, wavy hair. She loved it, and I love that her waves hide my imperfect cut job.

Our very Niman summertime carries on: Eating out back, ice cream all over faces, blowing bubbles, picking our own blueberries in the garden, and working on our pool entrances.

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