Friday, July 3, 2015

The Beach

If ever there was a place to be fully in the present moment (as they say), then this is it. The secret swimming hole. Kids, they are the masters of living in the moment. Robin was all about getting on her floaties so she could swim as far out as possible. Hailey set her sights on watching the bottom, each step in the sand reflected up through clear water. Abby wanted to swim so badly, and coaxed herself to be brave. I heard her telling herself to just do it, even though her body language showed she felt fearful. Swim, she did. And Summer? She had never been to the secret pond, but she waded in wearing her lifejacket, lifted her feet off the floor and swam like a pro. 

I joined my girls, our friends and my mom (you can never have too many adults around open water and young kids) for a morning spent under the sun, in the refreshing water, and on the beach. I didn't think about anything else, which is big for me. I am not a three-year-old, with a conscious state focused solely on what's in front of me. I usually have a mind going a mile-a-minute, planning, reviewing, thinking of dinner ideas, ways to improve the garden, story ideas, who I have to remember to call. Et cetera. 

With four little girls to keep track of (and count off every few minutes, or so) and sunlight to squint through, the detritus of my busy mind floated away. I felt like I was in the place I try to be when I sit with the purpose of meditating and turning off my thought valve. 

Serenity now. No need to compulsively recite the prayer. No chaos, no worries, just beach.  

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  1. Nice post i too like the beaches, when i get time in my holidays i use to visit the places like this as the children are doing. i like this post too much.


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