Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summertime Living

I feel a little like a Californian this week. I planned our meals around what we can now harvest from the garden ... and it is glorious. And yummy. We had Mediterranean quesadillas with tomatoes and basil for dinner (with our friendly farm chicken tossed balsamic, dee-lish!) this other night, and have plans for a nice tomato-sage-butternut squash casserole later this week.

Marigolds keep the tomato pests away
We're still waiting on the zucchinis to grow to their full size, and the jury's still out on our bell peppers and broccoli, but I have hope!  Regardless, our garden adventures continue.

We've also been adventuring with outdoor murals, a ridonculous amount of swimming, and visits with friends. The most notable of recent was with friends from the Yukon who have driven across the country, just to see us! No, I'm kidding, they are on a cross-Canada summer adventure and made an Ottawa stop here, lucky us! We had a sleepover with six girls (plus us two lady-girl mamas!) and caught up on each other's happenings since we last visited on my February trip North. 

Summertime is also marked by my addictive reading habit. It keeps me up way past my bedtime, and is the culprit for a lot of house cleaning not being accomplished. I have lost count of how many books I've read so far, but none have I begun with as much anticipation as Go Set a Watchman. I am a big-time To Kill a Mockingbird fan, and collect old editions. I re-read it every odd year (or so) and fall more in love each time. A book touted as the sequel was snatched out my mailbox, brought into my bedroom and begun with relish. 

No spoilers here, but I will say this: It is not a sequel. It is, very clearly, a first draft. It sets a foundation for what became TKAM, but it is not a sequel. When Harper Lee submitted this novel, it was rejected, as the editors suggested she write from Scout's point of view, change a few key plot points and tidy it up. What I am reading now is a sub-par story, and I almost wish I hadn't started it, as it just doesn't jive with the characters and story I know from TKAM. It's interesting to look at it as a predecessor to a story I love, but nothing more. So, there is my review thus far. 

Post-swimming humidity-induced ringlets

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  1. Garden envy! Had a few tumblers ripen, but that has been it. waah! And my butternut squash plant is doing sweet-frack-all. Boooo.


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