Wednesday, July 29, 2015


We've been having more bath times in the backyard pool than the tub, and more lunches on the picnic blanket than at the table, but this heat has called us indoors for a summertime reprieve. We have had record-breaking hot temperatures; the weatherman tells us both the actual temperature and the 'feels like' temperature in the forecast, taking the humidity into account. 

So, sometimes we stay inside to break out the finger paints rather than exhaust ourselves in midday full sun heat. Heat can make the best of us get a little cranky. Or, in our case, heat can make five girls who spend almost every waking hour together a little irritable. We've got the air conditioning on, the reggae tunes playing, and the craft bin spread across the table.

Our inside activities have included: picture charades, hide and go seek, baking, colouring, watching movies, painting faces, taking siestas and reading library books. I write this list for myself, so that when someone asks me what I've been up to lately, I won't draw a complete blank when reviewing the last week or so's goings-on. Our days have been blending together, breaking up mornings with a cooling-off swim and deciding which meals to eat al fresco. It's all a kind of wonderful summer vacation monotony, and one I wouldn't trade (especially not for winter deep freezes, yuck!)

Our harvest this week

It is supposed to stay hot, but you know what? The living here's easy. I still have some popsicle recipes up my sleeve, some movies we haven't seen (working our way through the Shrek movies), some friends coming over to beat the heat in the pool and a pallet of face paints remaining, (even after Summer spent 45 minutes painting her own face today).

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  1. Send some heat our way! This summer has been wet and cold. Booo! But maybe we will have another awesome winter up here like last year to make up for this ugly summer weather.


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