Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Tonight, the sun is out after a few days of hiding. I have been writing-- a lot a lot a lot of writing-- so I feel like a wrung-out sponge. I don't have much to contribute here tonight but a few pictures I took as I closed up shop. 

Abby's lunch was packed, I made some hummus after all the hummus in Canada was recalled (slight exaggeration), and I mixed myself up some homemade electrolyte juice after a day that left me feeling a little dehydrated. (I mixed coconut water, honey, pureed frozen cherries, water and a pinch of salt. It's delicious.)

I took a selfie because, come on, those legs

I watered the plants and checked on them. I felt glee to see one of my potato cuttings sprout through the soil. (It gets crazy around here, I'm telling you), I have faith my zucchini will bounce back after the earlier frost, the tomatoes are climbing well, and the beds are nicely adorned with painted rocks and shells I collected at the beach in B.C. on my recent trip with Summer.

Now, my juice and I are going to sit back and dive into my favourite mag. I get so excited when I see it in the mailbox, and it always makes me think of Johanna, my magazine benefactor and fellow earth mama at heart. 

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