Sunday, June 7, 2015


(Leave a pie cooling by an open window, and the breeze wafts its aroma through the house, bringing curious epicures to investigate within minutes.)

It felt like these girls were fighting like cats and dogs. I have been going solo much of the time the last few weeks with Rich working really hard, taking extra shifts. So, maybe they haven't been bickering more often, but I notice it more and it discourages me. Is this what summer break will be like? Why aren't they all harmoniously engaged in a fun game? How can I make them best friends?

But, of course, I can't make them best friends. I can't really make them do or be anything. I can dream, and hope, and guide my best. Then I have to let the chips fall where they may and meet them where they are. 

This morning, while I gardened, I heard the crying begin around the corner by the garage. Then, the screams rose. I stood to see what was the matter this time, then squatted back down to weed. "Let's just see..." I thought. If I kept jumping in to settle scores, I'd never get any gardening done and they would learn to rely on my refereeing. They managed to come to an agreement and after a few more minutes, they started to pretend they were camping-- a game that took them into the next hour playing happily on our front lawn while I mowed around them. 

When I finished tidying breakfast this morning, things were a little too quiet in that way I've come to learn usually means, "trouble's brewing." I opened the door to Abby's room and heard exquisite manners and fancy words being used. They were having a tea party, and everyone was being careful with Abby's ceramic tea set, to not spill, and to sustain the magic of a special occasion: being allowed into Abby's room for tea. 

Abby encouraged her sisters and guided them to say and do the right things. Summer learned to handle her tiny cup with two hands, lest she spill. All turned their heads, obliged my photos, and then asked me to please leave. 

By virtue of being around each other, sharing crazy parents, and being shown how to act with loving kindness, of course they are bonding. How silly of me to concern myself! 

I returned to the kitchen to steep tea and, for once, I finished it without having to re-heat it once.

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