Thursday, June 11, 2015


This is the time of year when we start asking each other, "what are your plans for the summer?" School is winding down, work leave needs to be submitted and approved, bookings need to be made. For me, though, it all comes down to a very fluid, laid-back summer list. Things floating in my imagination that, when assembled, form a picture of a perfectly spontaneous, easy, outdoor, magical summer. Rules are flexed in summer, things that would not be allowed in winter are suddenly okay. I will tie my own memories of summers past with my girls' visions for what constitutes a very 'summertime' experience.

BBQ ribs = summertime

Speaking of the girls, they are all a year older now, which is significant because we are able to do a few more things than last year. With no necessity for naps, we are free to truly pack a bag, go, and mozy on home whenever we feel like it. Abby wants to go camping. Robin wants ice cream. Hailey wants lots of swimming, Summer wants to be part of the fun (whatever that entails!).

We do have plans to spend a week at a cottage, and we have a little lady's second birthday to celebrate. Otherwise, there are no major bookings to accommodate, which is just the way I like it. 
 So, our summer list looks something like:
 - Read a few chapter books with Abby
- Walk down to Dairy Queen after dinner
- Eat dinner at the double decker bus chip stand
- Day-long road trips to the beaches on the St. Lawrence seaway
- Have all-sister sleepover parties in the same bedroom (gulp!)
- Celebrate my friends 30th birthdays that are coming up
- Go skydiving
- Read a ton
- Swim every day
- Can our extra tomatoes
- Eat something from our garden every day
- Visit friends' cottages
- Swim at night
- Barbecue pizza instead of heating up the house with the oven
- Go to lots of parks
- Write a few stories
- Keep running
- Walk to a restaurant nearby for a dinner date with Rich
- Watch an outdoor movie
- Ride on a boat

No hands necessary


  1. I love writing a summer bucket list! Can I come over for BBQ pizza night/night swim night? I will bring all the food!

  2. Of course, just bring your suit and towel!


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