Wednesday, June 17, 2015


All day, erryday, we are outside. Raining? I hire my girls to hunt for worms to add to our raised garden beds. Cloudy? Then we can go to the park all morning without worrying much about sunburn. Sunny? Let's walk in the woods, where it's shaded and cooler. We'll go for a swim in any weather except thunderstorms. We eat outside, picnic-style or on the backyard table. Something from the garden is used now for at least one meal a day.

So far, only greens have been ready for harvesting (parsley, basil, chives, green onions, sage). Plus! Starting last week, our strawberry plants have given us fresh berries, which we pick each morning before the walk to school.


A relic from our home's past owners is a beautiful peony bush, which has just come into bloom. Abby helped me clip some last night, and this morning our house smelled delicious. I get a cheap thrill from bringing outside elements in, whenever I can.

Then I go back outside, because reading next to my vegetable garden and swimming pool is a daily dream come true. When the girls take their afternoon siesta (or quietly play in their room), I sometimes work, prep dinner or clean. Then some days, I just have to call it a beautiful day and soak it up, work be damned.

An easy way to encourage my girls to follow my love of the outdoors is to promise tasty treats, so today we drove out to Proulx Farm to pick strawberries. Within seconds, those girls discovered the joy of popping a sun-warmed strawberry into their mouths. 

They were hardly productive pickers, but we brought a few home for us to enjoy with breakfast tomorrow. I'd like to return with my grama next week sans enfants, so we can do some serious picking. I'll make a pie or two, then freeze the rest. Pulling a bag of strawberries out of the freezer during winter is a real treat, especially those hand-picked locally and frozen at the peak of their ripeness. 

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