Sunday, June 21, 2015


It's been a wild few days around here. To summarize: Read Between the Wines held our second meeting at Pure Kitchen, I finished an excellent summer read, we celebrated the longest day of the year with our annual Summer Solstice backyard barbecue, Abby learned how to swim, and I flew 10,000 feet in the air and jumped! 

First things first. It was exhilarating, a rush, and an experience unlike any other. I felt like I was flying, which was both really cool and also really unsettling, just like in a dream. I had a chance to sit in quiet on the plane ride up and really observe the kinds of crazy things my mind does to distract myself from fear. I also observed what one thinks while sitting on the edge of the plane before jumping out. (Something like a mix between carpe diem, total surrender and "wait, what?")

Starting the season with our friends in the backyard was also pretty poetic. There was a kid running around playing Jingle Bells on his harmonica, Summer kept sitting on the pool steps in her clothes, the girls kept trying on princess dresses and setting up a clubhouses, the adults laughed and drank under a sunny sky, Abby worked up the courage to swim the whole pool by herself, and the food table was full of delicious noms. My best friend Kaylee kept looking around and laughing, saying, "this is pretty much the best day ever," and I totally agree. 

I am so happy summer is officially here. I am so grateful for the permission it gives to wake up each morning, look at the weather report, assess how we feel and decide from there what we'll do with our day. 

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