Monday, May 18, 2015


I made this haiku my Facebook status yesterday: 

Backyard pool splashes
Water droplet eyelashes
Long weekend done right.

I mean, right? Long weekend, baby.

We did a lot of swimming, snacking, sun-basking, garden watering, mouth watering and chalk drawing.

I don't know if memories were made, or if any of us will remember much about this weekend in the big scheme of things. Nothing extraordinary occurred. But in the ordinary, we celebrated the beautiful weather, the joy of having a backyard pool, of fresh produce on the table and being together.  

Cuddling wet, slippery bodies up to mine in the shallow end felt right. Holding outstretched hands for first jumps into the deep end felt victorious. Falling in love with my four little swimmers, daring in each her own way made me feel proud.

The house is a mess because the May long weekend is about being outside, and collapsing of exhaustion at the end of the day before you can even get to the sweeping. The new plants are settled into the garden well and being carefully tended by myself and my four eager apprentices. 

The sangria has been poured into plastic patio wine glasses, and re-filled. And re-filled.

Whatever the point of the Victoria Day weekend is meant to be, we must have aced it. I know this because our water-logged bodies and tightly curled pool hair fall heavy onto our beds at day's end.


  1. eeeek I had to do a double take at the end, I thought it was Abby with friends!! Wow the girls are all growing way too fast.

  2. And amazing little swimmers they are! Wine sippy cups=best invention ever!


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