Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Time Outside

Sorry not sorry I haven't sat to write here, we've been OUTSIDE! And it's been glorious! Toes unshackled by the confines of shoes, free in sandals. Skin untouched by the sun's rays, finally unleashed under her warm goodness (with a good dose of sunscreen). Our first outdoor swim and barbecue. A weekend hike to our fave green place, spotting wildlife we haven't seen since the last warm season. 

I have been doing a lot of back-to-basics thinking about my priorities. When things started feeling wound up and tense a few weeks ago, I knew I needed to check in with my priorities. I sit with clarity now having reviewed my priorities: good food, proper sleep, slowing down and time together. That list also includes unstructured time outside. That may seem pretty fundamental to anyone else, but I need these concrete reminders. I don't need or want to be shuttling girls from activity to activity. A morning spent at the park or in the garden is so good, for all of us.

Our garden is well on its way, and is quickly becoming a fabulous metaphor for living with intention. Our front garden last year consisted of what the previous owners planted. I took stock, removed what didn't suit us, and am following through on plans for more edibles. We have a raspberry and a rhubarb bush now, along with our perennial plants and flowers for the bees. The girls are helping me weed, and we're watching for the tulips we planted last fall. 

I also found hanging strawberry baskets this weekend! Rather than shelling out $20 for flower baskets that inevitably dry up and die because I forget to care for them, strawberry plants flower beautifully and provide yummy snacks, ergo I am encouraged to water them. Our backyard raised beds are almost ready, and then we'll transplant all the seedlings from our kitchen counters, which are quickly running out of space. Man, I love eating good food. We're just finishing up our jars of salsa from last year's garden and I am super excited to see how this year's tomato varieties grow. 

I know, rock star 15-year-old Sarah just died a little. But hey, no apologies from me. Growth is progress.

Abby has her first big race this weekend, and started coughing last night. I worried after all her hard work, she might miss it. I usually feel helpless when the kids get coughs, because there's not a lot I can do: massage their chests with some eucalyptus or mint-based rub, run the humidifier, and offer water often. Then I remembered a recipe I pinned for homemade cough syrup, so I prepared some of that before bed last night, and it was ready this morning. Abby said it helped, but she would probably say anything for spoonfuls of honey. I mixed the syrup into cold water for her breakfast, and gave a spoonful of it straight before we headed out the door for school. 

I'm going to keep some of this in the fridge from now on. Mix into a mug of hot water for a soothing tea when sick, or take a spoon for an ayurvedic boost. Yes.

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