Thursday, May 14, 2015

That Fickle Mother Nature

I made a rookie mistake. I was so enthusiastic about our recent warmer temperatures that I took for granted it is still the month of May in Canada-- anything can happen. It didn't even cross my mind to hold out on planting our heirloom seedlings outside in our new raised bed. I had excitedly stained it, filled it, mixed in some tomato-friendly fertilizer and had Abby help me plant our two kinds of tomatoes, zucchini, broccoli and herbs last weekend. Then, yesterday, the air cooled to zero at night. I ran out to cover my struggling plants with baby blankets, but I was no match for Mother Nature. Most of the plants have shrivelled, wilted and kicked the bucket. Oops!

Lesson learned: never, ever, no matter what, don't even think about planting my hard-fought-for seedlings outside until the May long weekend. Thankfully, I still have enough seeds for next year's garden (which I have learned to delay starting until April). This year, I'll have to swallow my pride and head to the nursery for some new plants that a far more seasoned gardener has started for me. Our perennials have toughed it out and seem to be well on their way to becoming bountiful blueberry, raspberry and rhubarb plants. The girls and I took one nibble each from our first strawberry, and it was delicious.

You know what wasn't delicious? The lunch I put in front of Miss Hailey yesterday. Homemade mac'n'cheese with cut up kiwi and a handful of cashews warranted this sassy little face. The only way to crack her committed pout was to take a picture and show her in the viewfinder. That elicited a  small grin before she resumed her post. Oh well, you get two choices in my restaurant: take it or leave it.

We are so excited for the long weekend, we decided to start early. Abby will play hooky and join us tomorrow for a walk in the woods with our good friends, then lunch at Grama's with my brother and sister-in-law who are visiting from out of town, and then ... the main event ... our inaugural swim in the pool! I've been vacuuming, salting, pH-rising and heating our backyard oasis in preparation for some may-jah long weekend frolicking. The smell of lilacs in the evening, sunscreen in the morning barbecues around the neighbourhood firing up at suppertime evoke a very "right here, right now" vibe.

The lawn care sales people have been busy drumming up business, but when they knocked on our door, we happily told them that we loved our field of dandelions. I receive hand-picked bouquets nearly every day, and those bright yellow sunshine-looking blooms feed the bees before most other flowers have blossomed.  We'll keep 'em, thankyouverymuch. 


  1. That picture of Hailey is priceless! Enjoy your first swim!

  2. Love that pout! We get a fake "I'm so sad" face here at dinnertime.


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