Friday, May 8, 2015

Sunny Days

"Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away. On my way to where the air is sweet." I would sing those words to babies as they resisted sleep, coaxing them into slumber with my rhythmic theme song and bouncing. Today, it is our call to action. It's nice outside! The sky is clear! Let's get outside!

There has been no easing into summer weather, it has arrived and tested our wishes for the end of winter with weeks of 25-30 degree (Celsius!) weather. I am not complaining. Everyone's gardens are blooming, the ravines and forests are drying up from the leftover melt, and the trees are beginning to burst forth with foliage to offer shade on these sunny days.

I am referencing my "happy life" reminder file a lot less, as time outside triggers a nice calm reserve of patience to deal with the frustrations of young children. I take in the sweetness of a good breeze, the cardinals' song, the tulips, my little girls in sun dresses and rompers, icy drinks, and then wouldn't you know it? Life is good. 

Windswept sun-bleached baby fine hair atop two matching heads, their cornflower blue eyes looking to me asking, "what's next, mama?" Water sprayed from the hose on their feet, they giggle and scurry away. Running over to my outstretched hand holding a full water bottle, as though a few sips is the best thing they've ever tasted. Walking through the woods, we have time to feel bark on "mama trees", and bend the malleable trunks of "baby trees." Collecting dandelions in small hands, dropping them into my lap as offerings of beauty (as seen through their discerning lenses).

Skylar dug up the rhubarb plant, so she was in my bad books. The sun hit her so nicely this morning, and she frolicked so happily through the woods that I couldn't help but fall in love with her again. 

The girls are asleep now after a morning in fresh air under sunny skies, so I will retreat to the backyard for some mama time. 

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