Thursday, May 21, 2015

Morning with the Too-Toos

The pool is open and we have been enjoying morning trips to the park, but in order for summertime to begin feeling authentic, we like to make trips to Petrie Island. We throw rocks into the river, climb on the wooden train, and take walks along the turtle path. This time of year, the handful of turtle species local to the island like to bask in the sun. Lucky us, they were out chillaxing on some fallen trees today when we visited with our friends Alyssa, Henry and baby Rosemary.

They were easy to spot and the kiddos didn't have to strain or climb very high before they began stretching out their pointed fingers. "See them! The turtles!" Summer calls them too-toos, and was most enthusiastic of all. I was not immune to the splendour of seeing so many turtles either. I mean, it's pretty awesome, right?

I love our special little place. We share it with other people, but most of the time it isn't very busy. When we set up shop to eat a snack, or run back and forth along the riverside trails, it feels like it becomes our own corner of the world. Our natural home away from home.

Hailey contemplates.

These two.

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  1. I love this! Afterwards, I went to see Mimi and she bought Henry a turtle shirt from Barbados! I said it was his new Petrie Island shirt. P.S. I love that last photo :)


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