Sunday, May 10, 2015

Get Set Go!

Rather than sleep in and wait for breakfast in bed on my special day, I tiptoed out of my room quietly to wake Abby. Her sisters joined us for an early breakfast of milk, toast, yogurt, and melons before we welcomed our morning babysitter. Papa bear was sleeping off a night shift, but he remembered to leave me a beautiful blueberry bush and some cards for me on our table! Abby and I waved a quick goodbye and headed out the door in our runners.

We have been practicing together the past month. I have been working up to my first 10k since I graduated university. Abby was working up to her first 1k since she sat in a stroller as a baby and we did a 5k. The Run for Women had a kid's category, so we arrived with my mom and began to let our excitement build.  Abby was visibly jazzed, bouncing all around, smiling, taking in the pre-race scene of costumes, bass-heavy music and cheering.

We went over our plan to pace ourselves, and I reminded her how proud I was of all our hard work training. The 1k race began and she was first out the chute rocketing away, so we scaled it back and kept our jog slow, knowing we had a ways to go. She told me it felt very far, and about three quarters of the way through, she said she was feeling tired.

"Yes, this is the tough part," I said.
"But I am tough," she responded, and kept going anyway.

As we approached the finish line, we started to sprint together, side by side:

The crowd cheered us in, and I am not too shy to say I had warm tears streaming down my face as we crossed the finish line of our first race together. We were both smiling so big; her face lit up like I've never seen before. 

"I won, I won!" she said, receiving hr medal. She held it up, showing everyone. My mom took our picture, both of us crying happy tears, and Abby so proud of herself. 

That was the start to my best Mother's Day yet. We came home and had all the moms and family over for brunch (my brother FaceTimed in, too!), opened cards, ate cake, and cleaned up the kitchen together. I went for a good, long training run on my own, still on a high from my morning with Abby. My girls came outside with me later to help plant the blueberry bush in a nice sunny spot, and then we all cuddled up for a movie as they rain started in. I tucked them all in tonight feeling like the richest woman on earth. 


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