Thursday, May 28, 2015

Almost Summer

These last few weeks before school is out for Abby, and Summer officially begins (with our annual Solstice barbecue summer kick-off party), we are gathering all the bits of the outside world that lay dormant under snow. We are watching our garden grow, seeing what has returned, what was killed off by frost, and how our new additions fare. Abby told me at breakfast this morning that she missed wintertime, because she was allowed to wear wool tights everyday in winter. 

"Oh, but do you remember how long winter felt? How we wished for the park? For swimming? For the garden?"
She smiled impishly, and answered, "yeah, and the bathing suit days." Summer weather is marked by our ability to wear bathing suits all day long outside, whereas in winter, we would get hypothermia and die, she rationalized further. I am slowly converting my Yukon girl to embrace summertime for all it is worth.

Our lavender, brought from my grama's garden, has bounced back from a frozen-ground transfer and many toddler boot tramplings. I wish you could smell this picture. On a rainy day, or in the evening, the smell of lavender just floats up to meet your nose and sends you into instant relax-o mode. 

Each morning before we walk Abby to school, we search our strawberry plants and share the one or two ripened, having a small bite each. They taste like juice, fresh off the plant, warmed in the sunshine.

Summer is discovering what it means to be almost two: she has a bed now instead of a crib, she can keep up with her sisters (who frequently tell her to bugger off, but she's persistent), there is talk of potty-training, she can drunkenly manoeuvre her Little Tykes cruiser, and she comes to "help" me garden by blowing dandelion fluffs all over the area I've just weeded. So helpful.

My little girls have been competing with the robins and crows for who can find the most worms. The feathery fowl need to feed their babies, but we need worms to deposit into our raised beds!

Happy almost-Summer!

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