Thursday, April 2, 2015

New Life

We're gearing up to a long weekend together to celebrate new life and renewed faith (in lots of things!). We'll begin with a visit to a farm tomorrow to check out baby animals. Animals are my girls' homies right now: all stripes, feathers, you name it, they love it and can make the animal call. We'll be eating with family, preparing food, spending time outside, and splashing in puddles, no doubt.

It never ceases to amaze me: the draw a kid feels to jump in a puddle. Their amazement as rubber boots permeate water. The giddy grin in the aftermath. The feeling like perhaps they are not supposed to get soaking wet and dirty, but they cannot resist. Now that is a prime example of being completely present, mindful and at one with nature. 

Outside is muddy, slushy, wet and still kind of grey without any foliage or greenery. So, tulips needed to go on our table. 

Our indoor greenery is growing well. I have a few herbs in clay pots on the kitchen windowsill that stretch a little higher each day. Watching seeds grow is another pretty amazing way to be present and at one with the wonders of nature. New life, whether from two cells or one seed in moist soil, it all captivates me. That genetic, intrinsic push to survive. Watching that play out in pigtails and planter cells is making me smile today.

Collection of mini eggs, madam? Why, yes!

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