Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Friends

It was my best friend's 30th birthday, but I felt like I received some great gifts: most of my best friends together in my house, windows open, sun shining, an impromptu brunch, good food, coffee and tea, everyone's babies, and some very special guests flown in all the way from Australia. 

Sweet baby Marissa was born three months ago, and my friend felt so far away in Oz. I missed Cat so much more than ever before, and I just cried at the distance, at missing my friend, at wanting so badly to watch her be a mama to her little girl. Wish granted ... she flew home! And this baby girl, she is just gorgeous. A good sleeper, makes sweet little noises, and is so patient with everyone as we all passed her around. 

And Cat, she is such a natural. She just loves on that baby girl like she was born to do this. They are two peas in a pod, those little buddies. I mean, just look at her. You can see how she loves that baby with every cell, with all her soul.

Back to the birthday girl. We celebrated Saturday night with an intense karaoke party in Chinatown, and we were all blown away (as usual!) by Andrea's rendition of I Will Always Love You. The rest of us spent the night yell-singing into the microphone, such classics as You're So Vain and This Is How We Do It. Her real birthday came a couple days later, so we threw together a brunch at my place, and almost everyone had work off. We passed around babies, my girls worked their way into our conversations and nommed down on brunch treats. We gave the birthday girl her cards and gifts, and took a nice sunshine-y walk. 

Andrea is such a special person to me. She's known me since we were in Grade 3! With that comes a foundation of pretty unconditional acceptance, support, grounding and silliness. She can still make me feel like I'm going to almost pee my pants laughing. My life is enriched so much by having her as my best friend. She's loyal, honest, creative and makes every event the best it can be. Celebrating 30 years of her was easy, there's so much good in that woman! 

Baby Rosemary, and Andrea: baby whisperer.
I have some pretty amazing friends. Not just one or two good ones, either, but a whole circle of solid, smart ladies. I love watching them with my girls. I love laughing with them. I love hearing them call me on the phone just to catch up. We even started a book club just to give ourselves another excuse to hang out at restaurants on a semi-regular basis! They are such a garden of beautiful, unique flowers.

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