Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Break

If March break is a jigsaw puzzle to be assembled, the pieces look like this: bread to bake, recipes to try, play dates on the calendar, baby animals in a barn, maple tapping, smoothies, reptiles, tea parties, nail polish, walks, the Garlic King, and maybe some random corner pieces with glitter on them. We'll figure out where they go along the way. It's really more about time spent together than it is about the final picture, right? We're starting off with good intentions.

Hailey and Robin are working towards becoming accredited babysitters one day. They can hold a baby's soother in, make him giggle, pat his head gently and alert the authorities when he cries. In all seriousness, it is so heart-warming to see them act so maternally and gently with baby W. They transform from tornado-ing balls of high-kicking energy to baby whisperers. True, they have a little sister, but she is more of an up-and-coming prospect in this game. The baby? He poses no threat, and so Hailey and Robin are lured in by his cuteness.

The weather is playing games with my heart (hey-o BSB reference), as it usually does in March: It warms up, I dream of gardening, and then a snowfall. I put the girls in rain boots to allow for prime splashing, then deal with soaking wet snow pants afterwards. That just means we get to really fly by the seat of our pants and plan our days according to what the weather forecast reads that day. 

Enjoy spring break-- I am totally going to soak it up, literally and figuratively. 

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